Sunday, 11 October 2009

Where I am right now

Since my last post in July a lot has happened that is all positive. I was shortlisted for a new job over summer and had to spend time preparing for it. The good news is that I got it and have been the brand spanking new Lecturer in Digital Design at Glasgow Caledonian University for two weeks now. A week before my interview I also gained the decisive email confirming I will be presenting my paper "Where's the Graphic Designer in the Graphical User interface?" at the IASDR2009 conference in Seoul, Korea. This conference begins a week today.

So I'm sure I'm forgiven for not posting anything to the blog for 2 months as I have been interestingly side-tracked by events. I'm writing this post from the Filmhouse cafe in Edinburgh where I am now permanently living*. This blog will be resumed on a more regular basis come November once all the seismic shifts have dissipated.

*I'm living in Edinburgh permanently, not the Filmhouse… just thought I'd make that clearer.

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