Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 and back to work

2010 is now here and I'm attempting to kickstart my research after the hiatus of the relocation. As this is my final MPhil year I will now need to formalise my PhD research and set it's parametres. To horrendously misuse a quote from MacBeth I need to now "Screw my research position to the sticking post" (sorry Bill).

In the fallow time between the last post and this I have been reading (not enough) and processing (not enough) that information. One book I have read and now re-reading is by Interaction Designer Jon Kolko. His book "Thoughts on Interaction Design" in it's introduction makes a value statement that an intrinsic value of IxD is in "the creation of a framework in which to experience these designs." (Kolko, 2010, p7) This value statement is to be seen in the context of IxDesigners as "shapers of behavior" (ibid).

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