Thursday, 16 July 2009

Update on progress

I've currently been focusing on understanding the Design Model and wading my way through the jungle of similar terms that may or may not be discussing the same concept that Norman does.

My main confusion had been whether Design Models and Design Patterns were the same concept. Through posts to IxDA and PhD-Design listserv and direct correspondence with academics I have been gaining some insight. I'd like to acknowledge the advise of C K Vijay Bhaskar, J. Ambrose Little and Paul Ralph from IxDA; and Filippo Salustri, Ranjit Menon, Sydney Hudspeth, Terence Love from PhD-Design listserv for their comments.

Added to these posts are an email conversation between myself and the two joint authors of the paper 'Understanding and Using Patterns in Software Development' Dirk Riehle and Heinz Zulligghoven. They have helped me see that Patterns are different from Models, and have encouraged my choice of research from a visual communication position.

>This is a quick post to acknowledge comments and advice… I'll post soon on the comments and the results gained from them.<

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