Friday, 20 March 2009

IxDA Basecamp

I've just been invited to join the IxDA Basecamp, an offshoot of the Interaction Design Association where interaction designers can "collaborate on IxDA Basecamp projects. You can post messages and comments about your work here for the group to see." I've just posted the following announcement on the group at You will need to join the association to view it. I am now officially a 'group leader'.

Interaction Design from a visual communication perspective

Hi IxD community,

I’m Dave Wood a lecturer in Interaction Design from the UK. I’m based in Liverpool and I’m engaged in part-time doctoral study at Edinburgh College of Art on a practice-based PhD.

Between now and 2013 I will be researching interaction design from a visual communication perspective. In doing so I will design and run three design projects to test and measure my research. I would welcome any comments and input from the IxD community.

I have two blogs that disseminate my research and a paper entitled “Interaction Design: Where’s the Graphic Designer in the Graphical User Interface?” available from my profile. Feel free to view any of these, the links are:

Now that I am a member of this group I will also disseminate my research and project progress here.

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