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Gillian Crampton Smith links

"Interaction design is the creative design of the interaction between people and devices, systems or services. This interaction usually involves the ‘new technologies’ of computing and communications. But interaction design remains a design activity – like architectural, graphic or product design. And it concerns the social value and cultural meaning of what is designed, not only its functional efficiency and visual appeal." Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor 2007-08

Through some research on designers of interfaces on Google Images I followed some Gillian Crampton Smith links to Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor's website. On it they have a reading lists for Interaction Design, Information Visualisation and other useful links which I reproduce here in order to archive them for future quick reference.



Introductory references

Strongly recommended

Bonsiepe, Gui. 1995. Dall’oggetto all’interfaccia. Mutazioni del design. Milan: Feltrinelli. (English trans: Interface: An Approach to Design. Maastricht: Jan van Eyck Akademie.)

Moggridge, Bill. 2007. Designing Interactions. Cambridge: MIT Press.

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2004. Essere digitali. Milano: Sperling and Kupfer

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Reas, Casey, and Ben Fry. 2007. Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Saffer, Dan. 2006. Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices. Berkeley CA: Peachpit.

Thackara, John. 2006. In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World. Cambridge MA: MIT Press.

White, Ron. 2004. Il computer. Come è fatto e come funzione, 7th edn. Milan: Mondadori. (Trans. of How Computers Work. Indianapolis: Que. 2006.)


Botta, Massimo. 2006. Design dell’informazione. Tassonomie per la progettazione di sistemi grafici auto-nomatici. Trento: Artimedia.

Cameron, Andy, ed. 2004. The Art of Experimental Interaction Design (IdN Special O4). Hong Kong: IdN Publishing.

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Preece, Jenny, Yvonne Rogers, and Helen Sharp. 2007. Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd edn. New York: Wiley. (Italian trans. of 1st edn: Interaction Design. Milan: Apogeo. 2004)

Studio 4.5 (Carola Zwick, Burkhard Schmitz, and Kerstin Kuhl). 2006. Designing for Small Screens: Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, PDAs, Pocket PCs, Navigation Systems, MP3 Players, Game Consoles. Switzerland: Ava.



Information visualisation references


Bertin, Jacques. La Semiologie Graphique.

Tufte, Edward R. 1983. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Cheshire CT: Graphics Press.

- 1990. Envisioning Information.
- 1997. Visual Explanations
- 2006. Beautiful evidence


Caplin, Steve. 2001. Icon Design: Graphic Icons in Computer Interface Design. New York: Watson-Guptill.

Periodic Table of visualisation techniques

Gallery of network visualisations

Information aesthetics

Nice magnifying list (Jonathan Harris)

Jonathan Harris’s site

David Lu’s projects

Visualising conversations:
(Boris Muller)
(Mike Migurski)

Semantic links between websites (only still pix at the moment)

Power links between companies (Josh On)
(other work by Josh)

Hyperbolic net visualisations
Visual thesaurus
Hypergraph - Hyperbolic graphs and trees : ThinkMap
KartOO visual meta search engine

Inxight: a spin off from Xerox Park from the visualization team of Stu Card
Inxight StarTree
Inxight TimeWall
Inxight TableLens
(Inxight has been acqired by SAP. At present there are no pictures or demos on the site. Google 'hyperbolic visualisation' to find similar examples. 1/dec/2008)

Map of creativity

Explore the Flikr space

World development statistics

Semantic Indexing

Timelines (look at the live examples)

AT&T telecoms company’s visualisation research group

Overview of the stockmarket (look at Tools in the menu on the left)



Useful links


Long running and important comment on ‘what is new technology for?’

Live|Work Service Design. Live|Work have pioneered service design as a design activity.

Interaction Design Association: a lot of interesting discusssions and resources

Rather sharp blog on interaction design!

Looks good, works well
Looks Good Works Well: Storyboarding Interesting Moments

We make money not art: design/technology/art


Working with users
Cooper on personas (his company invented the name)

Working with users for service design

IDEO’s methods cards

Experience prototyping (Jane Fulton Suri, Marion Buchenau)

Bill Gaver, Tony Dunne, Elena Pacenti: Cultural Probes
ACM Interactions Magazine February 1999
Basic Flowcharting Symbols - The SmartDraw Flowchart Tutorial
Introduction to User Interface Flow Diagrams (UI Storyboards)

‘Quick and dirty’ video prototyping

Hill and Houde: "What do prototypes Prototype?"

Information architecture tools


Fresh interfaces for architects

Magical mystery tour

Flikr clock

Rijksmuseum: a beautiful light, delicate, pleasurable experience—a widget for the Macintosh

Elegant loading animation

Animation sketch style

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