Saturday, 22 November 2008

Design Critique - initial commentors to read

Through an initial literature search of visual communication and graphic design the following people have been cited quite frequently. Some I know and have read, some are new. I list their names here merely as an aide-mémoire. I will comment on their critiques later. They are:

  • Rick Poynor - a writer and critic based in London specializing in visual culture
  • Nico MacDonald - a writer on the nexus of design, business and technology
  • Michael Rock - a founding partner and creative director at 2x4 and Professor of Design at the Yale University School of Art
  • Steven Heller - author, co-author or editor of over 100 books on graphic design

Additional update - Simon Biggs has given me the following names. Some I have read, some are new. I will source them when I return to the interactive literature after I have a visual communication literature position. The authors are: Jenny Preece, Alan Dix, Gillian Crampton Smith, John Maeda, Brian Reffin Smith, Brian Massumi, Brenda Laurel and Donald Norman. I list these names here as another aide-mémoire for future reference.

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