Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Beta test of new degree website

Just to prove that I haven't been slacking my commitment to this blog I thought I'd use this platform to announce my brand-spanking-new degree. The new degree BA(Hons) Entertainment Design was validated two weeks ago and I have now designed the course website. It is at beta test right now and can be viewed (and tested) by clicking here.

BA(Hons) Entertainment Media Design website

The website has been designed using CSS so that it can grow or shrink with changes in browser and resolution sizes whilst maintaining its integrity. As it is undergoing beta tests any feedback would be useful. Internet Explorer users may encounter problems. Please let me know the precise nature of them so I can solve them.

On a more research-based note I am engaged in aspects of narrative and digital interactive artefacts for my PhD proposal. So far I have found the Ludologist camp within Game Theory, especially theories by Jesper Juul of Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. I have 2 weeks away from work over Easter and will post more on this point during that period.

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